Vanlife Diaries 1

That's right, we travel in our self-converted apartment on wheels.

@brickhaus2019 for an in-depth look at our mobile life.

We love to travel.

​So we thought, hey, let's get a van and, well, travel! Can't be that hard right?


Since May 2019 we have been living in the van full-time and we both love it and hate it with an equal amount of passion.

It wasn't as easy as we had hoped - many bumps along the way and many dollars later. We bought a van not knowing ANYTHING about vans or construction. But we bought it and once we were in we were in! Thankfully we had some help from friends and family, but it was still a much longer process than we anticipated. It was also much more expensive than anticipated.

Much. Much. More.

Mostly because of van repairs - about $10,000 in our first 2 years of owning it - which isn't normal. Also with a Mercedes Sprinter, you can count on having hefty labour payments, especially because no local mechanic wants to work on anything Mercedes. Additionally in the "not old" models, there's a ton more electrical things that can go wrong.

So our advice, buy an older dodge promaster or something.

Looking back right now, honestly, it has not been worth it. But hopefully that will change. There's so much potential if only we could start making money nomadically. Or at least get to travel for our jobs. So far, we've been living in a van and been stuck in Barrie, ON. So we haven't taken advantage of it at all. It doesn't help that we're not totally equipped - we don't have a shower, running water, or even a faucet, and we're living out of a cooler which is a pain in the ass. We have to go get ice or snow every 2nd or 3rd day, and take everything out of the cooler just to put the ice in the bottom. It's ridiculous - and expensive! Ice is like $4 and we have to waste most of it because it doesn't fit in the cooler. Just one of the many things that we haven't finished and that is annoying about vanlife.

But hey, you live and you learn right?

There's also a few things we would change with the van, having lived in it now. We have a high bed so we can store stuff underneath it, and have a "garage" - which is essential. But, we've found we're not as intimate as we would like to be because of it. We've also started getting a little claustrophobic sometimes. So the main thing we would change, and still is a possibility to add, is making a bed out of a couch. Our kitchen is very mobile - we could simply (hah hah, simply) move it to the other side (from the drivers side to the passanger side, where the sliding door is). Then the "couch" can be on the drivers side. We would have a lot less floor space and a lot less light. OR we could, even more simple, put the couch on the aliding door side. There was another set up where the kitchen was up against the seats - but then we wouldn't be able to lean back while driving, which is essential from time to time.

We could go on and on, dreaming about the perfect set up, but let's stop there.

Alas, right now we're focused on getting by with the jobs we have, which aren't enough to pay for the van so far. So we maaaaaay be selling it this year. On the other hand, we've become so attached to this thing because we've put so much work into it. It's almost like we are living in it in spite of it, or something.

We're really hoping this year is better for income and less van breakage. Ending this entry on a very inconclusive note. As Dory would say, just keep swimming!

Thank you for indulging us in our vanlife diaries. More to come.

Please feel free to contact us or find us on social media @brickhaus2019 for more

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