What is Acroyoga?

Basically, partner yoga!

Acro comes from "acrobat" - a skilled gymnastics performer (aerialist, balancer, contortionist, tumbler, tightrope walker, etc).

Yoga, traditionally, is the connection of mind, body, spirit, and the universe.

AcroYoga takes many forms - from therapeutics and restoration to very challenging exercise, to relationship practices with self and others,

to impressive performances, and everything in between! Find your style

A Typical Class

Short introductions and disclaimers

Group/partner cardio

Partner exercise warm-up

AcroYoga Poses

Pyramids or flow sequences

Partner therapeutics

+ Apres-class JAM

The Benefits

It is one of the most well-rounded exercises out there. See the above typical class - it has everything! It combines yoga, thai massage, weight lifting, and acrobatics. Furthermore, it includes the human connection we all crave, especially now that devices are slowly replacing human connection.


Cardio, strength and flexibility, yoga poses, balance, coordination, weight training, calisthenics, endurance, restoration, massage, alignment.


Trust, patience for yourself and others, team atmosphere, synchronizing with others and yourself, emotional self-regulation, confidence, openness, boundaries, attention, focus, determination, and more! Not to mention a nice big ego-boost when you accomplish poses. The amount of new things you can do in acro are endless, and you always surprise yourself every time you practice.


Good habits like priorities, forgiveness, no blame, etiquette, help those who help you, responsibility, honesty, reality checks, self-limitations v.s. self-potential, safety above all, and that's just off the top of my head!

But how!?

Furthermore, Acroyoga teaches us all these things at the brain-stem level by repeatedly practicing the art of overcoming certain obstacles in a fun, safe environment. The old saying is so true: Practice makes perfect! Acroyoga is so addictive, it makes these positive impacts on our lives effortlessly effective.

When it comes down to it - HUMANS ARE HARD-WIRED FOR PLAY

We get trained out of it with jobs and obligations, and Acroyoga is an opportunity to re-connect to your playful nature WHILE overcoming obstacles. Studies show the more you look at life playfully the easier life becomes, the more you achieve your goals, and the more joy you have and spread to others. Just imagine thinking every challenge is a game instead of a heavy obstacle.

Think of how much more you'd accomplish, and how much happier you'd be!

This is how Acroyoga transforms you.

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